ITB-Tokyo Tech Joint Workshop: Indonesia Railway System and Urban Transport Development

Bandung, (DN),- On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Institut Teknologi Bandung alongside with Tokyo Institute of Technology has conducted a general lecture and panel discussion on railway system and Transit Oriented Development (TOD). This general lecture was conducted by Prof. Dr. Tetsuo Yai, Professor of School of Environment and Society, also as President of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS). Dr. Eng Puspita Dirgahayani and Ibnu Syabri, Ph.D from Institut Teknologi Bandung also attended as a keynote speaker at this event.
Prof. Dr. Tetsuo Yai delivered the lecture on Railway Network Planning and Urban Development in Tokyo Metropolitan Region. The topic of this lecture was about the development of Japan railway technology which evolved from the 1970s era when heavy congestion still the main problem of Japan transportation system.
The second lecture was delivered by Ibnu Syabri, Ph.D about Reform of Railway Sector in Indonesia. Ibnu Syabri explained that railway development will have a positive impact on economic growth and become drivers of economic growth in other sectors, although the main obstacles on financing still exist. 
The development of railway project and TOD in Greater Jakarta and Bandung has also explained by Dr. Eng. Puspita Dirgahayani as the last lecture. In general, TOD has not been integrated with the new transit system planning in the most urban railway project in Greater Jakarta and Bandung, except Jakarta MRT. TOD should be the instrument to reconfigure urban structure in the pursuit of sustainability, promoting the use of public transport, and finance the transit as well as supporting infrastructures development. The link of those three functions of TOD should be strengthened by the regulation both at the national and local level.
This general lecture was ended by the panel discussion which was attended by the representatives from the industry and government, including PT. Jakarta MRT, Kereta Commuter Indonesia, PT. Kereta Api Indonesia and the representatives from Ministry of Transportation.***
The lecture material can be accessed here.

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