NCSTT to Collaborate in Indonesia's High-Speed Railway Project

Consortium Meeting, Beijing 28 May 2018: International Cooperation between NCSTT, BJTU, University of Birmingham, University of Stuttgart, ZTE Corporation, and China Railway Design Corporation

TIANJIN, (DN),– The development of high-speed railway technology will surely become the groundbreaking solution for one of the current major transportation issues. Truth is, this will also begin the virtuous cycle both economically and socially for the nation. NCSTT as a designated national research center for transportation technology performs the distinctive role in this development. This collaboration is involving both academic institution and the private sector.

The consortium meeting as the continuation of the collaboration between NCSTT and China has been held on May 28, 2018. The initiation meeting was attended by NCSTT, Beijing Jiaotong University, University of Birmingham, University of Stuttgart, ZTE Corporation, and China Railway Design Corporation. China Railway Design Corporation (CRDC) (Formerly named as The Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation) is a well-known large-scale integrated survey and design consultant enterprise of China. The core business of CRDC covers planning, survey and design, engineering general contracting, engineering consultant and project management of railway, urban rail transit, integrated transport terminal, highway, municipal engineering and other areas.

Visit to China Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS)

Besides the consortium meeting, NCSTT has the opportunity to visit China Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS). CARS is a research institute, focuses on China railway construction and transportation. CARS, along with the flourish of China Railways, has possessed the technological innovative ability and core competitiveness in railway transportation, and developed into an industrial group engaging in high and new technologies of rail transport with the integration of scientific research, development, production, and consultation. 

While visiting CARS, NCSTT and team also observe test track for the 3-km rail, and Beijing – Tianjin high-speed train with the speed of 300 km/h. There are a lot of future works to make a fully establish high-speed railway technology in Indonesia, and this visit is expected to broaden the network and foster the collaborative research on high-speed railway technology.***

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