Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro to Escalate the Intellectual Property Production in 4.0 Industrial Era

Semarang, (DN),–  In order to support the government program on “Making Indonesia 4.0” by leveraging the innovation ecosystem in 4.0 industrial era, faculty of engineering, Universitas Diponegoro (FT UNDIP) held “Workshop on Strategic Management of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights, Copyright” at GKU Gedung Dekanat, Faculty of Engineering, on December 4-5, 2018. Researcher and management staff of Universitas Diponegoro, also others representative from universities around Semarang has joined this knowledge sharing event. This workshop was sponsored by the collaboration of Faculty of Engineering – Universitas Diponegoro (FT UNDIP) with Center for Collaborative Research – National Center for Sustainable Transportation Technology (CCR-NCSTT) under USAID-SHERA program.

Dean of FT UNDIP, Ir. M. Agung Wibowo, MM, M.Sc., Ph.D. gave his opening remarks on this workshop. He stated in order to achieve the excellent trend of IP Rights production in FT UNDIP, the strategy on IP Rights management is required so that the owned IP Rights will give the excellent return and benefit for both institution and society. Both challenge and obstacles on IP rights management need to be anticipated as soon as possible, moreover in 4.0 industrial revolution era, where the skill of IP rights management will be one of the driving forces. FT UNDIP has targeted more IP rights production in 4.0 industrial revolution era as it will give more potency on innovation for the researchers.

IP Conflict Management and the Role of Higher Education Institution 

Razilu, Director of IP Information Technology from Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI), Ministry of Law and Human Rights explained about the patent which has the potency as valuable assets. The patent can be considered as the valuable assets due to some factors, such as the novelty of the technology, exclusive rights, compensation for the other developer party, and the right to demand the compensation to the illegal patent implementer. Any valuable assets will bring such conflict, and it is likewise for the patent. This conflict needs to be managed by giving the protection of the IP. The protection can be given in the form of publication, technical protection, trade-secret and legal protection. Another way to prevent the conflict is to actively engage with the patent data and information. DJKI has the national database which contains the complete data of the patent protected by the country. 

IP conflict is somehow complex and involves many party and aspects. Therefore, another role is required to manage the patent conflict, such as the role from the higher education institution (HEI) and research institution. Hendra Wibowo from Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Insitut Pertanian Bogor stated that HEI will take part on the education, research and community services. The three main roles of HEI will contribute to produce entrepreneur and to commercialize the research by collaborating with industry, develop the entrepreneurship and conduct spin-offs or start-ups. 

Research Commercialization Strategy

In order to deliver research product to the market, the commercialization strategy is required. This strategy is needed to overcome the obstacles of research product commercialization, such as risk maintaining, rivalry on product positioning, funding, and time management. Ragil Yoga Edi, Head of Innovation Center, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) described three main points of IP commercialization strategy: IP management should be based on technology transfer, a start-up company can be an alternative for technology transfer, and the sufficient strategy of IP downstream is required.

To fully implement the IP commercialization, also to manage the conflict, the suitable communication and negotiation technique is required. The communication and negotiation technique can lead to further collaboration with other institutions or industry. Besides collaboration, the briefing of the non-technical skills for researcher and platform to produce science leader is the ultimate support for IP commercialization.***

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