NCSTT organizes workshop on Electric Vehicle Battery Technology to resolve the transportation sector's current problems

Bandung, (AN),- At the moment, the global transportation trend is toward electrification. Electric vehicles are estimated to resolve the transportation sector's current problems, namely the excessive consumption of non-renewable energy and the high emissions produced by motorized vehicles. The critical nature of a skilled workforce in transportation technology requires knowledgeable resources about electric vehicle technology. This training rationale behind the NCSTT Team's "Training on the Introduction of Electric Vehicle Battery Technology." The training was held on January 31- February 2, 2022, at The Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia, chaired by Dr. Ir. Leonardo Gunawan.
This training has four main themes:
1. Electric vehicle battery safety regulations and standards
2. Battery management system and performance in electric vehicles
3. Battery design and manufacturing process
4. Introduction to vehicle battery safety and performance

Many experts from academia, industry and government have participated in this event to share their insights, experiences, and the latest research regarding the training theme. There are nine keynote speakers from various backgrounds:
1. Dr. Ir. Sigit P. Santosa, MSME, IPU (transportation and automotive engineering researchers and practitioners)
2. Dr. Eng. Bentang Arief Budiman, S.T., M.Eng (experience in the field of Interface damage mechanics, composite materials, vehicle structure design, and analysis)
3. Dr. Ir. Edi Leksono, M.Eng (researchers in energy storage systems and management)
4. Poetro Lebdo Sambegoro, M.Sc, Ph.D. (specializes in thermal radiation, optics, photonics, optomechanics, and heat transfer)
5. Prof. Agus Purwanto (Inventor and developer of the first lithium battery manufacturing technology in Indonesia)
6. Fandi Yogiswara (analyst for the formulation of the Indonesian National Standard)
7. Fauzan Adziman, Ph.D. (senior lead researcher at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK)
8. Dr. Eng. Farid Triawan (Visiting Associate Professor at the School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
9. Rachmad Hidayat (Product Marketing Engineer at HIOKI Indonesia)

Each day, material delivery will be interspersed with a midday break. Each material session contains several modules, and each day includes a pre-and post-test that participants must complete. Apart from expert-led instruction, this training will consist of relevant practicum.

"This training is expected to contribute to enhancing human resource quality, thereby facilitating the acceleration of the adoption of electric vehicles in Indonesia," stated Dr. Ir. Sigit P. Santosa, MSME, IPU.